Monday, January 20, 2014

Paisley's Birthday Weekend

Eight is off to a GREAT start!

On Friday Paisley had eight friends come to the house for a birthday party sleepover.  Toby and Paisley talked cake for about a month before they decided on this one.  He does such a good job and is always able to deliver what is asked of him.    

Toby and Ryder stayed for cake, ice cream and gifts then they left us to go stay at his parent's house.  So it was just me and nine little girls and we had a BLAST!  

Remembering sleepovers from my childhood there was always at least one person that had their feelings hurt and would sit off by themselves.  I wanted to avoid this from happening so I planned a ton of things for the girls to do.  We had a obstacle course, played games, shot Nerf guns at balloons, had a dance party, had a silly string fight and watched movies.  They finally when to sleep around 1:30 am and thanks to a very excited Paisley they all woke up around 6:30 am.  I got up and made eggs, bacon and pancakes for breakfast while the girls played. 

Everyone cleared out by 10:00 am so Paisley and I were able to get our gear together and grab lunch on our way to Snow Creek for an afternoon of tubing.  Ryder stayed home with Grandma & Grandpa this year (with all of his ear troubles he doesn't like wind on his ears).  Some family and friends met us out there to have a little fun in the snow with Paisley to celebrate her birthday.  And after watching people ski and snowboard all afternoon everyone is game to give it a try on next year's trip.      

On Saturday night Paisley had her cousin Avrey stay the night and they made crafts, did science experiments, ran around and watched the new Disney movie Cloud 9 (cute movie & it made them even more excited to try out snowboarding next year).  After we took Avrey home on Sunday Toby and Paisley got their outfits for the Father/Daughter dance with Girl Scouts in a few weeks.  We rounded out the night with dinner out (her choice - Winstead's).  On Monday (her actual birthday) school was closed so we had a lazy day at home.  

Talk about a whirlwind birthday weekend!     

Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh What a Weekend

Over the weekend the temperature got up to a steamy 61 degrees here in good old Kansas City.  Unfortunately the Vincent house hold did not get to go out to enjoy the weather because Ryder was down with another ear infection (and this time it also brought on a fever and a lot of tears).  We did however open the windows to air out the house and ran the diffuser with thieves essential oils to help get rid of the germs.  We also slowed down this weekend and shut out the outside world.  We stayed home, stayed in our PJs, we cuddled and watched movies, we played games, read books and enjoyed each other.  Minus the sickness our weekend was very nice and relaxing! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 in Review

Second set of tubes for Ryder’s ear

Amber’s destination wedding

Broke my toe at Amber’s wedding

Walk MS with Paisley 

Ryder had his cornea scratched by a “friend” at daycare

Toby’s beard hit it’s fullness peak 

Toby made an awesome superhero cake for Ryder’s birthday party 

I broke my pinky finger (they called it a ‘boxer break’) and we found out I have a vitamin D deficiency.  I am on meds to try to get my numbers up but after 6 months of meds they are only a little bit higher than when I started.  I go back in 12 weeks for more tests to see if we can find out what is causing this.  

Ryder went to his first Royals game
Paisley went to Starlight for the first time

After multiple ear infections over the course of 4 months, this one took us to Topeka to get all the gunk sucked out.  Ryder didn’t like doctors before and HATES them now!  

Family trip to Colorado Springs, CO

Pumpkin Patch

Powder Puff Derby
Swim Lessons (Paisley is working towards joining the swim team and Ryder is just starting out)

Paisley fractured her wrist at school (like mother like daughter)

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve Service

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas has come and gone.  And like most years we celebrated our Four Christmas's with family, food, laughter and gifts galore.  

We started off our 2013 Christmas tour at my Mom's the weekend before Christmas for brunch.  This is the best we could do of a new group photo of all the kids (poor Brayten did NOT want his picture taken).  

Paisley walked away from that Christmas with a Loom Bracelet kit.  So, now everyone has a bracelet, necklace, ring and anything else she can think of to make with it. 

The night before, the night before Christmas (AKA: our Christmas Eve) the kids opened one gift.  As keeping with tradition it was new PJ's and DVD's.    

Our Christmas Morning was celebrated on Christmas Eve Morning.  Don't worry, we talked to Santa (by letter and in person) and he was more than happy to come early.  It's a win-win for everyone.  Santa has one less stop that night and we are able to enjoy a nice slow/no travel day with just the four of us and all of our new goodies.  

Paisley got the helicopter she asked for (minus the spy camera - oops, missed that detail Santa)...     
and Ryder got the race track he wanted for his "super fast cars with turbo boosters".
We (mom & dad) even got to be superstars in Paisley's eyes for the HUGE dollhouse we got her.
Ryder got a Big Wheel but I couldn't get a non-blurry picture of him with it.   

After dinner we took the kids to the mall to run around and burn some more energy before Christmas Eve service started. 
And at the candle light service I had to snap this picture of Ryder.  Be still my heart!  

Christmas morning we left our house nice and early for Christmas breakfast with Toby's family.  (Ryder cut his head with a screwdriver before we left our house and needed a Band-aid for the cut. Good times with this one!)
And Paisley scored some tall riding boots that she LOVES!

Then we headed to my brothers house for Christmas with my Dad.  Where the kids played, the adults told stories (and maybe drank a little), everyone ate and Ryder scored this big RC monster truck that he LOVES!   

And that my friends is how we spent our Four Christmas's!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Library Project - The Shelves

Back in this post I declared my love for libraries and after seeing this post I knew we could make it happen at our house.  After I sent the link to Toby we started to plan and save.  

Just like Thrifty Decor Chick we started with upper kitchen cabinets (6 to be exact).  Toby turned then upside down and added a base to the bottom (so we would be able to add baseboard later)     

We added three cabinets to each side of the room.  Two larger cabinets with a smaller one in the middle.  We did this to accommodate for the outlets on each wall.

After the cabinets were installed Toby added a long piece of wood to the top of all three.  Then he started in the middle building the top shelves. 

He then worked his way out.  The two middle shelves are bigger than the outside shelves to accommodate for the vent.  We made the shelf sections out in the garage then brought them in and attached them.

After all of the building was done we added crown, base and trim to made it look a little more finished.

Then we started the hardest most time consuming part.  We primed and painted everything!  It took FOREVER!!!  Due to our lack of a step-stool we used our dining room chairs and broke one in the process.  Oops! 

After everything was dry we added the doors back on to the cabinets.  
Finished bookshelf on the right wall (Ryder's side)

Finished bookshelf on the left wall (Paisley's side)

Then I went to town filling the shelves with books, pictures and pretties.  For now we are using the bottom part for storage of DVD's and games.  But one day when the basement is finished I hope the DVD's will be moved down there and we can store more of the kids books and maybe some holiday decor for the shelves.

Finished bookshelf on the right wall (Ryder's side) with all my pretties.

Finished bookshelf on the left wall (Paisley's side) with all my pretties.

Bottom storage.

I couldn't be more happy with how they turned out!  This is one of my most favorite rooms in the house!