Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dancing Queen

As most of you know my hubby is know for his stellar dance moves (I say this with my tongue firmly planted in my check). Having said that, Toby has made it his mission to pass his dancing legacy on to Paisley. I believe she will be the most made fun of kid in her class. It is my understanding that the "Lawn Mower", "Pencil Sharpener - thank you Erika" and "Shopping Cart" are all dances that will be taught at a later time. Feel free to vote on your favorite move, Enjoy!!

The Water Sprinkler

Paisley's Verson of the "Robot"

Ricky Martin ain't got nothing on Paisley (She is saying "Shake your Bon Bon")

Paisley's "Free Style" dance moves


The Snyders said...

My vote is the sprinkler!! I love it.

Christopher said...

HAHAHAHAHA! THAT's great! Oh what's this??? How fitting...my word verification for this comment is "bologne". What's that dance look like Paisley?!

Christopher said...
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