Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

This year I stayed home and handed out candy while Toby and Paisley trick or treated. Paisley had a blast, with the exception of one scary house that threatened to cut her night short. And the word on the street is that she was very polite.

After trick or treating Paisley helped me pass out candy but was relieved of her candy duties when she invited strangers in to play. Looks like next year we will have to work on the etiquette of passing out candy.

* You don't say "trick or treat" when you are handing out candy
* Strangers are NOT allowed in to play
* The rule for handing out candy is not "One for you , two for me"

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Vincent Family!!


Anonymous said...

miss you! move back to KC!!!
love ya cassie*mae

Dawn said...

Loved both costumes! You did great Mom!
Love you, Momma