Monday, December 15, 2008

Movie Night

This entry is not for a weak stomach. We had our first case of public up-chuck Friday at the movie theater. Oh the joys of being a parent! :o)

We declared Friday night "Family Movie Night" and Paisley choose Bolt in 3D. We settled into our seats with candy, drinks and popcorn enjoying the previews. Then Paisley starting coughing and next thing we knew Paisley was up-chucking all over herself. That's right folks Paisley up-chucked in the theater. Activate "Parent" mode:
1) Paisley - She is fine and ready to sit back down to watch the movie so Toby works on cleaning her up.
2) Mess - I look around and no one -thank goodness is setting in our row or the one behind us. I clean the seat and floor with the few napkins I had and throw them into the popcorn tub because who really wants popcorn now? Not me!
3) Exit Theater - On our way out of the theater I let the ticket guy know a clean up was needed. Unfortunately Paisley got the brunt of the mess on herself so we went straight to the bathroom to survey the damage. Paisley was distracting me being her normal chatty self when I notice that the bathroom has gone "Green". With the amount of chunks that I was dealing with it was easier to just strip her down to her undies and wrap her up in Toby's jacket.

The ride home wasn't fun, she cried most of the way wanting us to turn around so we could watch Bolt. When we got to our house Toby dropped us off and left to get Paisley a new movie to make up for not being at the theater. What a good daddy!

Paisley didn't get sick any other time this weekend and a runny nose and cough is all that she is suffering from now. Just another fun filled weekend that the Vincent House! :o)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby Karly

The wait is over! On December 1st we welcomed Karly Nicole (Stephen and Holly's baby). She weighted in at 8 lbs 1 oz (the biggest grandchild so far) and 19 1/2 in. Both mommy and baby are doing GREAT. And she is sooooo cute!!