Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby "B"

"Step right up! Step right up, and make a guess." That is the game we played at the co-ed baby shower for Josh and Korey. With the gender unknown and the Feb 6th due date approaching everyone is guessing when Baby "B" will get here and if this mystery baby will align with the ever growing girls population in our family (future boyfriends beware - we have a pack of VERY protective fathers) or will the baby be the odd man out as the first boy? Your guess is as good as ours. If I missed anyone or someone new wants to play, just let me know and I will add you to the list. We look forward to meeting this baby soon!

January Guesses:
Dawn: 1/24 (Girl), Bob: 1/25 (Boy), Zhahn: 1/26 (Boy), Grandma Valerie: 1/28 (Boy), Karly: 1/29 (Boy), Sarah: 1/30 (Girl), Holly: 1/30 (Boy), and Dennis: 1/31 (Boy)

February Guesses:
Stephen: 2/1 (Girl), GiGi: 2/1 (Girl), Keith: 2/2 (Boy), Clare: 2/2 (Girl), Christy: 2/3 (Boy), Hollie: 2/4 (Girl), Avrey: 2/5 (Girl), Toby: 2/6 (Boy), Tim: 2/7 (Boy), Cody: 2/7 (Boy), Kathy: 2/8 (Boy), Josh: 2/9 (Girl), Rylee: 2/12 (Girl), Mary: 2/14 (Boy)

Another Toby cake and cupcakes. He really out did himself this time!

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