Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday Girl

Paisley celebrated her third birthday and this year she picked out the party theme, Diego won. Not a big surprise because she LOVES animals and Diego is an animal rescuer. Toby was able to make the cake again this year. He is so good!! It makes me sad to say this but she is a big girl now, gone is the baby chub. Now she is a long, lean, talking (very clearly and often) machine! It is fun to think back over the year and appreciate all the new things she can do now that she wasn't able to do last year. Thank you friends and family for thinking of our little girl on her special day!! She said it was her "Best Birthday ever!" Three is going to be so much fun! (We are only a week into 3 so I can still be optimistic)

Dress Up Time!
"Reach for the sky!"
Paisley is really getting into dress up these days and we are trying to include everything, not just princess stuff, mainly because she doesn't really like dresses all that much. Maybe its hereditary! :o)

(Thank you GiGi for the sheriff stuff. Paisley likes to pretend she is Woody from Toy Story.)

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