Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas 2008

This year we had a "Murphy's Law" Christmas that went something like this:

1) Christmas morning Paisley wet the bed and when I asked her what happen she said "I'm sorry mommy, I just forgot my bed is not the potty." Christmas bath, check. Christmas breakfast, check. Now we can open presents.

2) Friday after Christmas, Oscar (our mini wiener dog) cut his ear in half so we had to rush him to the vet for an emergency surgery to repair the damage and stop the bleeding (he is as good as new now). To top off the day Toby and Paisley had a 24 hour bug, so between the blood from Oscar and everything else from Paisley I reached my bodily fluid quota for the year in one day!

3) Saturday after Christmas, our kitchen sink backed up into the basement sink make fun background noise and smells for Christmas at our house with Toby's family. Topped off with Toby making trips to the bathroom with bowls of dirty water to dump in the toilet. A one of a kind Christmas memory!

4) Sunday after Christmas, Toby stayed at home to fix the sink while Paisley and I did Christmas with mom. When we returned home the sink was remove exposing a very nice looking hole in the wall. (the hole was patched on New Years Day)

All and all it was a good Christmas full of action!

Christmas morning at our house

Paisley with her scooter from Santa

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