Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Four Christmas's 2009

Christmas at Our House (Christmas Eve)
This year the weather wasn't kind to us. Due to the amount of snow we started to get our office closed at noon on Christmas Eve and that was fine by me! When I got home from work Paisley and Toby were making Christmas goodies and Paisley was so excited to show me what all she had made. So after our nap, Paisley and I tried our hand at making a gingerbread house.

It started out ok......but didn't end well.

Christmas Eve is normally spent with Toby's family but this year everyone had to work so we decided to do Christmas with them on Saturday. So we took this as an opportunity to try something new. The three of us opened our gifts from each other after dinner and due to the weather Christmas Eve service was canceled so it was off to bed after our gifts were opened.

Christmas at Our House (Christmas Morning)
After breakfast we went downstairs to see if Santa had been to our house. (This was the first year we remembered to put out milk and cookies for Santa) Paisley was so excited that the milk and cookies were gone, proof that Santa had been there. She even ran around looking to see if he was still in the house. After we finished opening our stockings Paisley found the gift that Santa had left her under the tree, a remote control car. She had so much fun playing it and even more fun when she realized that she could chase the dogs with it.

But her fun was short lived because we needed to get dressed and on the road to head to KC for Christmas with my family. We made it to each house safe and sound (it just took forever). The highway wasn't all that bad but the side streets were another thing.

Christmas with My Mom
We had Christmas lunch (that looked more like a dinner) with my mom and step-dad at noon. All of my siblings and their children made it and so did my grandma and Jerry. It was loud and warm and fun. The food was great and the kids had a blast!

Christmas with My Dad
At about 3:30 we all packed up our kiddo's and gifts and kissed our mama goodbye because we were off to my dad's house. We had quite the little caravan going on! When we got to dad's house our cousin's (Jeff and Scott) and grandparents (GiGi & Papa Jim) were already there waiting on the party people to arrive. We had dinner (that felt more like a snack because we all where still pretty full) and we followed dinner with gifts. As our family grows the unwrapping of gifts become quite a crazy adventure. The girls have so much fun when they are together!
(I was tired at my dad's so I only took this video, no pictures, sorry.)

Christmas with Toby's Family
On Saturday we loaded up our car with food and gifts and headed to my in-laws. Paisley fell asleep about 7 minutes before we got there.

After we unloaded the car we set out the appetizers and started making homemade pizza. It was a lot of fun, everyone could make a pizza any way they wanted and this made me super happy because I don't like a lot of stuff on my pizza! After we finished our pizza we started on gifts!
And Paisley got a BIG surprise! A 10ft stuffed caterpillar with the alphabet down it's back. She LOVES this thing!
And this was our sign that it was time for us to head back home.
Merry Christmas To All and To All a Good Night!

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