Monday, February 9, 2009

Best Birthday Party Ever

This weekend we went to the BEST Birthday party EVER and I'm not just saying that because his mommy might read this. :o) We had a blast! It was at the Fun Run in Liberty (anyone who has not been here needs to go). They have Indoor Inflatables and an Imagination Village. It was fun for the whole family (parents get on the inflatables too). Paisley LOVED the Imagination Village but didn't like the inflatables at first (she wouldn't let me put her down). But after she went down the slide without me (she didn't notice I wasn't following her anymore) she loved it and I was sidelined. So sad!!
Paisley didn't like the things that were enclosed.
After I was sidelined she had no fear!
Favorite room in Imagination Village: The Animal Room

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