Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Catch Up

I guess that I am not as good at multi tasking as I thought. Last week I got wrapped up in a few new projects, so blogging fell to the bottom of the list along with other things. But I was able to read three books, make a few burp cloths (still working on the matching bibs - for a baby shower next weekend), and I managed to pinched a nerve in my neck due to stress (that wasn't much fun). I was so focused on other things that I neglected Toby, Paisley, my house and blogging. Don't worry, Toby was Superman last week, he entertained Paisley and did most of the house work (maybe I should take the week off more often). Feeling a little guilty, I put myself on a schedule this week to get caught up on everything, including posting a new blog! I will let you all know how successful my schedule was this weekend. Wish me luck!!

1 comment:

The Snyders said...

Good Luck! Sounds like you did pretty well last night.
Thanks for the book post, you only did that so I wouldn't bug you anymore, huh?