Saturday, February 28, 2009


I LOVE to shop! I am one of those people that can shop for hours on end and find great deals on stuff that I didn't know that I needed until I saw it on sale. Over the years Toby knows when I say the words "I am going shopping and I'll be home in a few hours" that he won't see me until bed time and when I come home, it's with LOTS of stuff. I am ever so excited to show him EVERYTHING and tell him how much I saved. He is a pretty good sport about it all (most of the time). Well, this year we have decided to tighten our family budget. So, in my search for the best deal I came across an amazing website called Deal Seeking Mom. I love this site because she has a whole section devoted to WalMart. (If ever I was board late at night in high school I would drag any friend with me that I could for a late night walmart run - Thank you Val, Chris and Amber for including me). This site does the hard work for you, she lists the items on sale or that has a coupon(with a link to the coupon) so all you have to do is print and shop. I decided that I would start small with a few baby items (we are in no short supply of babies in my family) to see if the coupons really work and boy did they! I was able to get all 10 of these baby items for $6.64. This site has a lot of very helpful deals. You should check it out!

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Katina said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip.