Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Swim Lessons

Now that Paisley is three she has graduated out of the mommy and me classes. Tonight was the first night of swim lessons all by herself. She was sooo excited to start (if you couldn't tell)!! It was all she talked about for the last few days and part of our report from daycare was to inform us our that little social butterfly had invited all the other kids to come swimming tonight with her, she is just so thoughtful sometimes! :o)

Agenda for First Lesson:
  • Put face in water.......Check!
  • Swim (kick feet) holding on to the kick board on tummy and back.......Check!
  • Slide down the frog slide all by herself.........Check!
Look at her smile. She is so proud of herself!
Look at our big little girl! I just love her soooo much!

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The DeWeese Trio said...

OH my Sarah. I just came across your blog. Paisley is SOOOOO big!!! She is just beautiful!