Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brrr - Part 2

We also bowled in the basement this weekend.

She is ready to roll the ball!
Her Happy Dance!
Our last activity for the weekend...a hair cut! After church today we took Paisley to get her hair cut. You can't really tell but it is to her chin. I think it is soo cute!!


What to do when the weather goes from this...

to this.... in one week!

Stay in your PJ's! (Thank you Val for her super cute Paisley print PJ's) Fix you hair, "Forget about it." Play beauty shop with daddy!

Play games as a family! (Including Honey Bee Tree, Five Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed Game-pictured, Cariboo and Dora Memory)

And watch movies in a fort!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - Pool

Look at how young my parent are! Mom (17), dad (20) and me (7 mths). We are in the pool at my Grandma's house.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Create Something - Green

New Project - My Tee-Time BAG!

For my birthday last year I got a GREAT book called Simply Sublime BAGS; 30 No-Sew, Low-Sew Projects by Jodi Kahn. I love, love, love this book. Tonight (after Paisley went to bed) I made my first bag; a "Tee-Time" bag. This bags is made from an old T-shirt (my "I shamrock NY" shirt), duct tape and staples. It was so easy!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - Adventures in Motherhood

I couldn't find a good picture to post this week so I will share a story from my adventures in motherhood.

This adventure starts out with a shopping trip to Gordman's just Paisley and I. We are enjoying the new found freedom of being one and walking. Being the die-hard shopper that I am, I know that a happy little girl equals more shopping time for me, so we stop to pick a box of candy from the candy bin before we go down the shoe aisle. As I shake the boxes to see which one makes the best noise I look down to show Paisley and she is gone. I panic. My heart starts to race, I turn around and there she is, picking up shoes left in the aisle and putting them back in the open box on the shelf. Yes, she is a little OCD when it comes to cleaning, she comes by it naturally. I pick her up and hugged and kissed her. After that scare I didn't feel like shopping anymore so we started to make our way out of the store, Paisley even got to ride on my shoulders. As we left the shoe area, I felt something small drop on my head. Thinking it might be a little slobber I reach my hand up to wipe her mouth and that is when I felt something in her mouth. Confused I stop and put Paisley down and that is when I see that she had grabbed one of those little gel packets from the shoe box and was eating the little gel balls. I scope them out of her mouth and race to the front of the store. (How did this happen? I didn't see it in her hand when I picked her up.) I ask the customer service lady for the number for poison control. After three very long rings a very nice lady informed me that everything was going to be alright. The little balls wouldn't hurt her, warning label is on the bag because the bag itself could be a chocking hazard. So, we were lucky. Everything turned out to be ok but I really think it is situations like this that makes parents age so fast!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Yes those bows are very BIG (I couldn't help myself). I LOVE St. Paddy's day. I even let Paisley have green M&M's for a morning snack.

After I picked Paisley up from daycare today we went looking for leprechauns and gold. We scared one away (wink, wink) and he left a chocolate shamrock sucker for us. Paisley had so much fun!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Back - Part 2

Our crazy week continued.

Thursday: I spent the day unpacking, cleaning the house, running errands (including getting Paisley a passport for our trip to Washington and Canada later this Spring), and repacking for our first family vacation to The Mall of America in Minnesota. Before we could get on the road we had Paisley's last swim lesson. She will be repeating Starfish in April, she failed for not floating on her tummy and back for a full 5 seconds by herself (she did it for 3 seconds). Oh well, she likes to swim and that is all that matters in her world.

Friday and Saturday: Our original vacation idea to visit a local Zoo but the weather didn't cooperate, so Toby suggested a vacation to The Mall of America. I am not joking, my husband who is anti mall/shopping, suggested this trip. Of coarse I said yes (Are you kidding me, a trip to a really big mall, this is my heaven on earth!) We all had a very good time. Paisley was great in the car and loved the hotel. The mall was crazy big and I was able to control myself, I only got a pair of ear rings and they were on sale. Paisley is such a dare devil, she want to go on the bigger rides but settled for riding the more daring little ones, multiple times. We also had an old fashion, western family picture taken. Paisley loved playing dress up and we visited the aquarium. This was a BIG hit with her. She even told the sharks to remember to brush their teeth.

Sunday: We unpacked, rested and played outside (the weather this week is nice). I think we needed the fresh air. Paisley played on the swing set while I pooper scooped the yard. My life is so glamorous at times!

I'm Back - Part 1

Last week was CRAZY for us! I had limited/no Internet for most of the week but I plan to make up for it this week. Starting with how we spent our crazy week.

Saturday: The baby shower was so much fun, I do really enjoy them and my burp cloths and bibs were a big hit. YEA!

Sunday: We had a family dinner at my grandmas. Over the last few years our family dinners have started getting bigger and louder. Our family dinners are similar to the big dinner in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Our dinners started out with the 4 siblings, then we all got married making the total 8 and now that everyone has babies are total is 13. This number raises depending on what side of the family (mom or dad) that we eat with. When you include parents, step-parents, step siblings, grandparents and cousins our total can reach 23 - 26. I love my big, loud, fun family!

Believe it or not Torey (left) and Karly (right) were the quite ones at dinner last week.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: I was out of town for training (Toby took the week off to stay home with Paisley. He was Mr. Mom for a few days). My baby brother and his wife were kind enough to let me crash on their couch. I loved getting to spend time with them and having three whole nights to bond with my newest niece, Torey. She has changed so much in just one month.

Happy dreams!

Stop with the pictures please.

Sweet girl!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Create Something - Pink

I have set a goal to spend less this year. To help me achieve this goal I am trying to make more homemade/semi-homemade gifts. The first project I decided to tackle was burp cloths and bibs for a friend's baby shower this weekend and I finished just in time! I was able to add few little extras to my gift with a bargain I found at Joann's. These cute books and basket were only a dollar each. I also added the travel gift set ($1.06 after coupon, see previous post 'Deals') to the gift.

I think it turned out to be a very cute (and practical) gift!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - Hobo Hubby

I love this picture of my hubby. It is from Halloween when he was about 6. My mother-in-law is so crafty! Doesn't he look like the cutest little hobo you have ever seen?!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Story Time

After attending story time yesterday, Paisley came home and had a story time of her own for all of her "friends" (my poor child needs a sibling). It is super cute to watch her get all of her "friends" out of the toy box and line them up for story time. She will even pause and ask them what the next word is and she even makes all the extra fun noises that we do when we read the books to her. Tonight I was able to get story time with Paisley on video.