Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Back - Part 1

Last week was CRAZY for us! I had limited/no Internet for most of the week but I plan to make up for it this week. Starting with how we spent our crazy week.

Saturday: The baby shower was so much fun, I do really enjoy them and my burp cloths and bibs were a big hit. YEA!

Sunday: We had a family dinner at my grandmas. Over the last few years our family dinners have started getting bigger and louder. Our family dinners are similar to the big dinner in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Our dinners started out with the 4 siblings, then we all got married making the total 8 and now that everyone has babies are total is 13. This number raises depending on what side of the family (mom or dad) that we eat with. When you include parents, step-parents, step siblings, grandparents and cousins our total can reach 23 - 26. I love my big, loud, fun family!

Believe it or not Torey (left) and Karly (right) were the quite ones at dinner last week.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: I was out of town for training (Toby took the week off to stay home with Paisley. He was Mr. Mom for a few days). My baby brother and his wife were kind enough to let me crash on their couch. I loved getting to spend time with them and having three whole nights to bond with my newest niece, Torey. She has changed so much in just one month.

Happy dreams!

Stop with the pictures please.

Sweet girl!

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