Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Back - Part 2

Our crazy week continued.

Thursday: I spent the day unpacking, cleaning the house, running errands (including getting Paisley a passport for our trip to Washington and Canada later this Spring), and repacking for our first family vacation to The Mall of America in Minnesota. Before we could get on the road we had Paisley's last swim lesson. She will be repeating Starfish in April, she failed for not floating on her tummy and back for a full 5 seconds by herself (she did it for 3 seconds). Oh well, she likes to swim and that is all that matters in her world.

Friday and Saturday: Our original vacation idea to visit a local Zoo but the weather didn't cooperate, so Toby suggested a vacation to The Mall of America. I am not joking, my husband who is anti mall/shopping, suggested this trip. Of coarse I said yes (Are you kidding me, a trip to a really big mall, this is my heaven on earth!) We all had a very good time. Paisley was great in the car and loved the hotel. The mall was crazy big and I was able to control myself, I only got a pair of ear rings and they were on sale. Paisley is such a dare devil, she want to go on the bigger rides but settled for riding the more daring little ones, multiple times. We also had an old fashion, western family picture taken. Paisley loved playing dress up and we visited the aquarium. This was a BIG hit with her. She even told the sharks to remember to brush their teeth.

Sunday: We unpacked, rested and played outside (the weather this week is nice). I think we needed the fresh air. Paisley played on the swing set while I pooper scooped the yard. My life is so glamorous at times!

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