Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - Adventures in Motherhood

I couldn't find a good picture to post this week so I will share a story from my adventures in motherhood.

This adventure starts out with a shopping trip to Gordman's just Paisley and I. We are enjoying the new found freedom of being one and walking. Being the die-hard shopper that I am, I know that a happy little girl equals more shopping time for me, so we stop to pick a box of candy from the candy bin before we go down the shoe aisle. As I shake the boxes to see which one makes the best noise I look down to show Paisley and she is gone. I panic. My heart starts to race, I turn around and there she is, picking up shoes left in the aisle and putting them back in the open box on the shelf. Yes, she is a little OCD when it comes to cleaning, she comes by it naturally. I pick her up and hugged and kissed her. After that scare I didn't feel like shopping anymore so we started to make our way out of the store, Paisley even got to ride on my shoulders. As we left the shoe area, I felt something small drop on my head. Thinking it might be a little slobber I reach my hand up to wipe her mouth and that is when I felt something in her mouth. Confused I stop and put Paisley down and that is when I see that she had grabbed one of those little gel packets from the shoe box and was eating the little gel balls. I scope them out of her mouth and race to the front of the store. (How did this happen? I didn't see it in her hand when I picked her up.) I ask the customer service lady for the number for poison control. After three very long rings a very nice lady informed me that everything was going to be alright. The little balls wouldn't hurt her, warning label is on the bag because the bag itself could be a chocking hazard. So, we were lucky. Everything turned out to be ok but I really think it is situations like this that makes parents age so fast!

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