Saturday, April 18, 2009

No Fun Friday

Friday was not a good one for the Vincent house hold. It started with me in bed all day with a nasty cold and ended with a trip to the ER with Paisley. Paisley was trying to bring a blanket up stairs when she tripped and fell. An X-ray confirmed that she broke both bones in her little arm. They put her in a brace until we can see the orthopedic specialist next week for a real cast. She was so brave! The only time she cried was when they pushed on her arm. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was accidentally offered a job.


The Snyders said...

What a huge "cast" they put on her, can she walk with that thing on? What a brave girl. This will be a story to tell her when she is older.

Margaret said...

Poor Paisley:( I hope she does well with the surgeon!

And being accidentally offered a job is SUCH B.S. Good riddance to them I say!!

The Hensley Family said...

Oh no! Poor Paisley! Hope she's doing okay now! We've just figured out how to go down the stairs and I'm nervous every time!