Saturday, April 11, 2009


I love Saturday!

Toby and I have a deal worked out on the weekends. I sleep in on Saturday and he sleeps in on Sunday. So when Paisley wakes up we go to the basement with her for breakfast, cartoons and play time while the other person is blissfully asleep upstairs. This advice was passed to us by a friend at our baby shower and it is advice that we pass to new parents. It helps keep us sane and happy and allows for one on one time with Paisley.

Sorry, back to today, it was a day at home with no plans. YEA!! When I finally woke up Paisley and I played a new game. (I found the game Crocodile Dentist at the airport in New Jersey and picked it up) This game cracks me up! After losing twice Paisley was starting to not trust Mr. Crocodile and I was able to stop laughing long enough to make this video of round three.

P.S. I talk with my hands a LOT!


The Snyders said...

Oh my gosh, I have watched this video 3 times and laughed so hard each time (I am going to watch it again after I comment), I feel bad for laughing so hard-but then I hear you laugh and don't feel as bad! How does she know it's going to snap? Too funny!!

Katina said...

That's hilarious! I love that game too.