Thursday, May 7, 2009

Create Something - Baby Bumble Bee

The newest installment of baby projects for me...applique. I have seen some pretty fun appliques online and thought that I might be able to do it also. For my first attempt I made a bumble bee for a friends new grand baby, not to shabby!! (The nursery theme is bumble bee) I found the super cute clip art online and stopped in at JoAnn's for their sale on quilting squares. I stocked up on different material so Holly, Korey, Erika, Clare and Val H. be prepared, I have something in mind for each of your little ones. Look, I even found a cute little model to show off the onesie and bib.

Mr. Brown Dog was very happy to help me out! :o)


The Snyders said...

So stinky cute!! Even cuter in person. I'm interested to see what you have up your sleeve next!

The Snyders said...

*Stinkin'...not stinky, sorry.