Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mission Organization

I am a very organized person. I love to organize things...anything (closets, cabinets, drawers, Paisley's toys, stuff for garage sales) nothing is safe around me. If I could organize things for a living I would, that is how much I enjoy it. Last weekend I started a new organizing project (the storage under the stairs in the basement). I painted the self with leftover paint from Paisley's old playroom. The only thing missing is the labels and that is only because my label maker is out of labels.
Because I started organizing I decided to take a look around the house to see what else I could make better (my organizing OCD kicked in). I was able to reorganize all of the kitchen cabinets. I have made better use of the space we have and I love it!!

Then I moved on to the bathroom. I found these little cute metal tubs at Dollar Tree (I love that store). Now everything fits much better!

Last but not least the hall closet. Again, these matching tubs need to be labeled. This closet makes me super happy when I open it! Organizing is so therapeutic to me and I have enough Rubbermaid tubs that it is free (most of the time). If anyone is ever in need of a little organizing help just give me a call. :o)

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