Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seattle - Washington

We spent the first two days of our vacation in Seattle (my calves still hurt from walking up all those hills). Some of the highlights of our time downtown:

Pike Place Market: All I can say is "Flying fish at Pure Food Fish Market. YEAH!"

The Children’s Museum Seattle: We ALL loved this place! Highlights from the museum: the Imagination Studio - Paisley's lovely art work is now on mom refrigerator, the Mountain Forest - it was like we went on a mini hike indoors (my kind of hike), a Grocery Store - Paisley loved shopping, a Theatre - where she performed John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and many other fun areas.

The Seattle Aquarium: Our favorite exhibits were the seals, sea lions and otters. The lighting in this pictures make it look like Paisley is in the tank with the seals. Crazy!

The Space Needle: We didn't go up, just looked at it from the ground and as luck would have it we even got to experience the Northwest Folklife Festival down by the Space Needle and Children's Museum. We had so much fun watching the all the folk dancing, people and listening to the fun music. We even spotted a few 'Where's Waldo' look a likes.

The Crab Pot: On our way to the beaches we stopped for dinner at The Crab Pot. The food is delivered to the table and dumped out for everyone to enjoy. As you can see Paisley was a little worried that we didn't have plates. She even said in a very quite voice "Mommy, that is not very good manners."

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