Saturday, June 20, 2009

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Today was an amazing day spent with my little lady! We started our day out touring three different preschools in three hours. (Toby and I are talking about move her to preschool but we can't decide if we are going to do it this year or wait until next year). Paisley was such a trooper! She enjoyed meeting/talking to new people and playing with all the new toys.

We took advantage of the nice weather today with a picnic in the park. Paisley loved it. She talked the whole time. Talked about the wind, the bugs, the animals and she even talked TO the birds in "Bird English" - her words not mine. It went something like this "Mommy its very windy!" "Mommy look that that bug. Hit it!" "I see a squirrel mommy, I think he is hungry." "Tweet. Tweet. That's Bird English for Hello Birdie." "Mommy that was very polite of me to say hi to the bird." (Seriously, I don't know where she gets this stuff from)

After lunch we walked the gardens. We are so lucky to live in a town with so many nice parks. Gage Park is one of the best. It has amazing gardens, a pool, a carousel, a train and the zoo (just to name a few of the yummy goodies that this park has to offer). Paisley has entered a stage where we have to work to get a good smile out of her. She would rather make faces at the camera.

She was so well behaved all morning that I treated her with a ride on the carousel.

Followed by a ride on the mini train. This picture was courtesy of the nice lady in the car ahead of us that offered to take a picture of us if I would return the favor and take a picture of her and her little boy.
After the park we headed home for a nap. As I walked out of her room she asked me "Mommy is our girl day over now?" I told her that it was only half way over and that we had more stuff to do after nap time.
After our nap (yes I napped too, it is one of my most favorite things to do) we went shopping for Father's day gifts, we made dinner and ended our day with a swim at the Y. The highlight of my day came at bed time when Paisley said "Mommy, thank you for my very best girls day." I hope she remembers this day always, I know I will!

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The Snyders said...

I'm am so jealous, it sounds like you guys had a blast! I can't wait until Fiona and I can do this kind of thing-but then I would be wishing for her to grow up faster and I don't want that either :).

Oh, and I see those sandals fit her, I meant to ask you about that.