Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am such a slacker! It has been two weeks and not a peep from me! No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth but I will try to give you a highlight of what you missed while I was slacking on my blogging.

I have been crafting again and here are a few new goodies:
Coasters for our bedroom. They are simple and oh so perfect. (The tiles are from Home Depot and the 'V' from Uppercase Living.)

Kiddie Craft bag. This would have been good on the airplane. Oh, well maybe next time.
Things we have done:
Lots of outdoor play. Including a trip to the Lake with Amy and her boys. We had so much fun. Paisley even rode in the tube all by herself. (Sorry, no pictures, I forgot my camera at home)

Toby and I finished the new floor in his office (the old bar area). So far his office has a new wall separating it from the movie room, new flooring, and paint. It is slow going but we hope to have it finished this Fall.
Clare and I set out Saturday armed with our list of garage sale locations, a budget and shopping list and boy did we hit the jack pot. Ok, so maybe I was the only one with a list but I got everything on it and I stayed within my budget. A few of the goodies I snagged: these two chairs (I have big plans for updating them for my new craft room - Toby's old office/laundry room), the bounce and spin zebra , golf balls, soft balls, winter clothes for Paisley and a ton of glass jars in all shapes and sizes (to store small craft/scrapbook stuff).
Rylee and Avrey's dance recital. They both did a wonderful job! I don't know that I have ever been more proud of them before. We love you girls!

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