Friday, July 3, 2009


Last night we picked up my niece Torey for the weekend. In the first few hours she peed on Toby and spit up on him about four times (what a good girl). Today went just as well. She has been so happy and talkative. It has been very weird to see baby things around our house. Paisley has been very helpful (when she wants to be) but I think that she might be getting just a little jealous. Thank you so much Josh and Korey for letting us watch her. We hope you guys enjoy your baby free weekend and happy birthday Korey! Here are a few cute pictures and movies from yesterday and today.

Torey LOVES Uncle Toby and his funny faces!

A clean baby is a happy baby.

Monster baby!

So, I think that Paisley might be just a little jealous of Torey being here. What do you think? A few pictures of her new 'Art Work' she made us today. She comes out of her playroom and says:
Paisley: I'm sorry about the wall. Everything is ok, just don't look at the wall.
Toby: Paisley what is wrong with the wall?
Paisley: Nothing. Just don't look at it.
When we went in to the room this is what we see. (The marker that was used is a dry erase marker that she has had in her room since Christmas.)
Why now is it on the wall? Does anyone know how to get it off?

Think happy thoughts! There is a very cute little baby in our house to play with that in not sassy.
Happy thoughts! This too shall pass.
Happy thoughts! No one was hurt.
Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!


Donna said...

You might try the Mr. Clean magic eraser. It is white and I know it takes off crayon. Remember this too shall pass!!!

Clare said...

Torey is such a sweetie. We had fun hanging out with you guys on Saturday.
I'm sure it's just a phase...terrible 3.5s?

The Hensley Family said...

Donna's right - Mr Clean magic eraser - but will bleach the wall white if it's not really white now...but it will still look better than the marker...Otherwise - feel like painting anytime soon! So this is what I have to look forward to in 7 weeks huh! I hope marker on the wall is as bad as it gets at our house! hehe