Sunday, July 26, 2009


I hit the jack pot!

Friday morning on my way into work I stopped at a garage sale and was able to score all these goodies for $9.00. (I am sorry for those of you that talked to me Friday morning. I get overly excited when I get a really good deal.) The breakdown of all my goodies:
Two jeans (one Old Navy and one GAP), two light jackets (both Old Navy), a Tweed suit, a winter coat (Columbia), a KU baby hat (for Clare's next baby - someday), 5 burp cloths and 8 onesies (to practice appliqueing).

Then at lunch I did a little more shopping downtown and got all of these goodies for $11.00.

Then Paisley and I got a little carried away at the Library but we had so much fun. Paisley picked out a few books (she is really into dinosaurs right now), an activity bag with books and music makers, and a few CD's of Kids songs. She loves singing and dancing! Then I got a few books for preschool (ideas on ways to work with letters, numbers and reading) and I found a new magazine call 'Pack-O-Fun' (I checked out 4 different issues). This magazine has tons of fun craft ideas to make with kids by season/holiday. We can't wait to start making these crafts. Paisley loves working on projects with me. She is my little crafting buddy.

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val said...

Good job on the garage sale! The suit looks super cute! ;-)