Monday, July 13, 2009

How Short Is Too Short?

That is the question in our house. On Friday we took Paisley in to get a trim and they cut almost 2 inches off. It is MUCH shorter than last time and at first I was a little unsure about the length but now I think it looks soooo cute! Toby is still not sure (he really likes long hair). This cut makes her hair look so full and healthy. I love it!
(She was standing funny - pushing out her belly)

And she LOVES it! And that is all that matters.


Clare said...

I love it! But I'm not a very good judge, you know how short my hair is.
That siloette picture is gorgeous.
And I'm super stoked that she loves Buzz Lightyear so much, I have no use for him but it was still hard to get rid of, knowing how well loved he is makes it all worth it!

val said...

Definitely super cute! And it will probably "grow" on Toby.

Amy said...

It looks soo cute!!!!

The Hensley Family said...

Love the hair - but I'm all about short hair these days!

And THANK YOU! I got a suprise in the mailbox today and I was shocked! HOW CUTE!!! I love it ALL! You shouldn't have - but I LOVE it all!

Thanks again! I'm sure you'll be seeing them on the blog in the coming months!