Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Way Back Wednesday – The Evolution of my Ride

Meet Sloppy, my first car. It was an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, hatch back, with a red interior and silver/rust spots for the exterior. The back windows didn't roll down but that was ok because the radio rocked! It was the kind of radio that shook the review mirror. Yes I was THAT punk kid listening to my music too loud. The same kind of kid that drives me CRAZY now!

My Ford Probe. This was a BIG step up from Sloppy. I just started my new job on the Plaza and needed an newer/nicer car to drive. While owning my probe I found out that I didn't want a two door car when I had kids (I watched a friends little boy all the time during the days of the Probe).

The Jeep. Man did I LOVE my Jeep! I just felt cool driving it. Sure the sun roof leaked and it had a TON of miles but I sat higher off the ground, it got around better in the snow and come on, it was a JEEP!

Grand Am
The Jeep was on it's last leg so we traded it in for my Grand Am before me moved to Topeka. I wanted a family car and this fit the bill. Only my car was this coll tan/copper color. This was my first car with a warranty.
My current car, I mean SUV. YEAH!! I have an SUV again. I love all the extra room. And it is so nice not having to bend down into my car to get Paisley buckled up. (It was vary foggy this morning)

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val said...

I miss Sloppy! We had fun times with that car...