Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where are you?

Where are you my sweet little girl? Where have you gone and who is this monster in my house that looks just like you?

It looks like we have reached a new phase. We are going to call this phase the 'I am going to test all the rules and push all the buttons to see when my mommy and daddy are going to go crazy.' I have high-lighted a few of the most recent evens in this phase.
Exhibit 'A' in this new phase: I was working after hours one night when Paisley wanted a second ice cream (hers had melted while she was playing). I told her no to which she said "Well, mommy I wasn't going to ask you. I'm going to ask Stephanie." I calmly told her that when mommy tells you no it means no and not to ask anyone else. She didn't like this answer and softly hit my arm saying "You are not nice" and as she walked away (almost out of ear shot but not quite) I heard her say "Well, I don't like your shirt!"
Exhibit 'B' in this new phase: A few of our bad words (whatever, butt head and idiot) are making a comeback. And the kicker is when we ask her what she said she will look at us and say "Nothing, I didn't say anything."

Exhibit 'C' in this new phase: When told that it is time to clean up she will kindly inform us that she either "doesn't have the energy to clean" or "I don't know how. I just forgot mom. I'm sorry. Maybe you can just do it for me." Ok, seriously! I hope this ends soon.

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Katina said...

Oh wow. And I thought it was bad that Jonas acts like a 2 year old now. I guess there will be lots more fun to come :)