Friday, August 14, 2009


We had a nasty flu bug hit our house a few Fridays ago. I missed a few days of work due to not being able to keep anything down. Then Toby got it followed by Paisley. Poor Paisley; she had a very embarrassing day that Friday. First an accident at daycare then she had us make a quick stop at Target because "She had to go!" Let me just say that she is a talker and that trip to the bathroom made everyone in there laugh. (note to self: work on bathroom etiquette).

Last Friday was a craft night. I spent most of the night finishing tutus, hair bows and a hair bow holder for a birthday gift.

Then Paisley and I gathered a few toys that could get wet. We put them in a bowl and Paisley added water. Then I put the bowl in the freezer for us to have fun with on Sunday (I will explain more on Sunday's post). After Paisley went to bed I cleaned the house. In my book a clean house equals a very happy me!

Tonight was low key. We did a little shopping followed by a movie at home. A well deserved night IN (for the most part).

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The Hensley Family said...

Oh I'm So in Love with those TUTUS! Adorable! You're too crafty!