Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

A few Sunday's again we spend the afternoon at my Grandma and Grandpa's house (GiGi and Papa Jim to Paisley). We played in the pool and caught up with everyone. (It had been WAY to long since our last visit). Then it was off to the ball park to watch Toby play softball. His last real game before the tournament this weekend.
Then last Sunday, after church Paisley and I played in the yard. The first thing we did was play "Find the Toys." This idea came from a blog that I follow (little bit funky). We took the frozen toys to the back yard with a squirt bottle and screwdriver and Paisley went to town.
She even said "Don't worry little buddy, I'll get you out of there."

A great free way to keep her entertained for a good 45 minutes.
Paisley LOVES this little guy (yes we still have them). So it looks like we are stuck with them.

Also, last Sunday was my first tennis match. A few people from work got together and we all played. (My partner and I lost all three matches). I need to practice my serve a little (a lot) more! Tennis was followed by a date night - dinner, shopping and lots of talking. We chose not to go to the movies but walk around instead so we could talk. It felt like we hadn't spend good quality time together in awhile. It was a very nice evening.
After our busy Sunday last week we decided to rest today. Toby softball tournament in KC got canceled. So he and Paisley played while painted my craft room. (I hope to have it complete by next weekend. I will post pictures then.)

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