Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Way Late Wednesday - Part 1

So I started out strong last week, then Wednesday happened. For some reason our Wednesdays get very full very fast. (I have to apologize ahead of time for this one; it's going to be a long one)
A few weeks ago Paisley and I had a "Girls Night Out". We stared out by going to a purse party at a coworkers house. Paisley REALLY wanted this one but we decided against it. We walked out without spending a dime. Good job us!

After the purse party Paisley and I raced to the Library. They were showing a preview of "Honk! Jr." a musical retelling of "The Ugly Duckling" by Bill Blankenship. (This is a youth production by the Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy) These kids were great! Paisley loved the guy that played the 'Ugly'. He was very funny.

After the play we toured the art exhibit on display at the library; "Waxing Poetic" by Phillip Herschberger. Click here to learn more about this artist. Paisley like looking at all of the different paintings and telling me what she saw. (There was a lot of trees and a few doors). She even quizzed me on my colors, shapes and 'how many' of something was in the painting. I guess we play those games a little too much!

I really LOVE our library! They offer so much fun free stuff for us to enjoy!

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val russell said...

wow, that does seem like a pretty cool library!