Friday, September 4, 2009

Camping With The Cousins

My sister let us keep the girls Friday night. YEAH!! Paisley was in heaven! She loves having her cousins around. We started off the night with pizza, a craft project and games. My goal was to burn as much energy as possible before bedtime.

We made birthday cards for Papa Jerry (we forgot his birthday again this year). Sorry Jerry, we love you!
The girls played "Tag Tails" and this was so much fun to watch. (Lots of girl noises)
And "Ele Fun". The elephant blows butterflies out of his nose and the girls have to catch them with nets. (More girl noises)

Then, to make bed time a little more fun , we went went camping in the basement. (We only had one sad phone call to home at around 11 but after Avrey talked to her mommy everyone was ready for bed.)

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