Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Create Something - Shirt Revamp

I was itching to start a new project and try to make our dollar stretch. (Ok, so really I just wanted to see if I could do it.) I grabbed one of the many stained daycare shirts out of Paisley closet and got my supplies ready. (My goal was to cover the stain so Paisley could ware the shirt this Fall with a long sleeved shirt under it.)

I used a quarter for the gumballs and a CD & note card for the gumball machine. (I added Heat N Bond iron-on adhesive to the back of the material before I cut it)

I pined the gumballs, then sewed them in place.

After everything was sewn on I ironed it for the extra strength and support.
The finished project!
My very happy client! Paisley said "Gumballs for me?! Oh, thank you mommy you are so thoughtful!" Then she asked if I could make a shirt for her friends at daycare. So I think it is safe to say this shirt passed the test!


Katina said...

Too cute! Love your creativity. Someday when I'm not chasing a toddler around or waiting for another one to come along I will have the energy to be like you :)

Clare said...

That is so cute. I had thought about tie-dying stained shirts, but this is cuter.