Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Weekend

This weekend was a weekend at home (no birthday parties). So we spent the day Saturday working on my craft room remodel. It has turned into a family project. I still need to add a few finishing touches but it is close to being done. Here are a few pictures of our progress. I will post more pictures when the room is finished.
The new flooring! (Thank you Toby)

Daddy's little helper!

Sunday was another great weather day so we spend the afternoon at the lake. We rented a paddle boat and had a blast. Paisley loved it!

While we gave our legs a break 'parked' at the dock, Paisley started cracking up laughing. When we asked what was so funny she said "The fish are tooting" Giggle. Giggle "How disgusting!" Giggle. Giggle. (The boat was rubbing the dock making the noise and when she look back to see where the noise was coming from she saw the foam/bubbles on the side of the dock. I guess I can see how she came to the conclusions she did.) Look at the face! The $3.00 boat rental was totally worth it!

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Clare said...

Looks like fun, and your craft room is really coming together. I can't wait to see it.

BTW, you are a sneaky blogger-I didn't even know you had posted.