Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Week

My week started out on a good note: My mom and step dad are home for good! YEAH!! (They have been in Washington for two years.) To celebrate their homecoming we had a girls night-out to see Mamma Mia at Starlight. My mom has never seen it before so we HAD to go! Then I helped them unpack the kitchen and bathroom. Welcome home Mom and Bob we have missed you guys!!

The rest of the week was spent making crafts for my joint booth (with friends from work) at the flea market here in town. We had great weather and a steady stream of people.

(Sorry, this was kind of boring but I'm too tired to put much else into it)


Katina said...

You're going to have to send me some info. about your tutus. There is a girl at work that is pregnant that I would like to get one for.

The Hensley Family said...

We loved our tutu so much that we even had pics taken in it - I'll send you one when we get them back. Penny's loved them so much we released them to be used for promotion and in thier photo locations!

Thanks again!!! It's ADORABLE!!!