Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Story - Iceland

After Toby proposed he returned to Iceland (where he was stationed) to finish out his Navy career. We decided that another visit at the half way point would help pass the time and it would give us something to look forward to. So I went to Iceland for a few weeks in July. This was like a honeymoon for us. We did all of the fun tourist things we could cram into the two weeks we had.

We spent sometime in Reykjavik. Walking. Talking. Eating. Holding hands. Shopping.
If you look below you can see a baby; in a stroller; outside of a store; alone. Just in case you where wondering , the mom was in shopping. This was a common site. It blew my mind!

More pictures of us (pardon the PDA & Goo-Goo eyes).

I love this man (if you couldn't tell)! Our little five months apart felt like a lifetime but in the grand scheme of things it brought is closer together. It also gave a me a much greater respect for military families and what they go through.

We also spent some time IN the Blue Lagoon and on our way back to base we stopped at a lighthouse. This was my first time seeing a light house in person. I have ALWAYS loved lighthouses so this was so special to me!
(Toby took the pictures of us together by putting the camera on his car with the timer set and then he would run back to where I was standing. It was so funny to watch.)

We picked a bad day to go whale watching in Hellisandur. The weather was very gray and it would rain off and on so the water was super choppy. It put Toby to sleep but made almost everyone else sick. But we did get to see whales so it was worth it!

Then it was off to Geysir. This was my first time to see a geyser and I couldn't get over how close you were able to stand to it with only a little rope keeping you back.

And Gullfoss. It was quite the hike to get to the waterfall for this city girl but it was worth it. Again the only thing that keep you from going over was a little rope. The rocks were so slippery from the spray of the waterfall and I slipped (and it scared me to death). This is not a trip I could do with kids. My mommy heart just couldn't take it.

Guess what...we even camping! Crazy, I know. I do not consider myself an outdoor girl but friends of Toby's on base wanted to go and asked if we wanted to join them. Really, when would we have this opportunity again? So we said yes.

After we set up camp we decided to go for a swim in a near by spring. We were laughing and having a good time when another camper decided to join us, naked! My little American head was spinning (in all fairness he was a very nice guy, we could just see more of him than we wanted to). The next day we enjoyed more hiking and beautiful landscapes. I think the hardest thing about our camping trip was the almost 24 hours of day light (it was easier to handle the extra day light with blackout shades - the picture in upper left hand corner was taken around midnight) but we still lots of fun!

We took the scenic route back to base and stopped at this waterfall for lunch. You can hike to the top but we decided that we had enough hiking and enjoyed our view from the ground.

One of my goals on this trip was to get a picture of Toby and I together in his uniform.
What can I say...I am a sucker for a man in uniform and sailors are my favorite!
(These pictures where taken at the end trip that is why he has facial hair in the picture with his uniform.)

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val russell said...

I still LOVE the picture of you and Toby kissing with hair looking all perfect and blondish! And I love hearing your love story again. I think it is great that you are typing it all out.