Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - Our Story

On this day next month (Oct. 2nd) Toby and I will celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. So I decided to post our story starting from when we meet to the day of our wedding (I promise I will keep it short and only share one story a week). I think that it is fun to look back at what we have done together so far and image the possibilities of what is to come. So sit back and enjoy!

I was in the poor-pity-me-post-break up stage, telling anyone that would listen how miserable I was and how unfair life was. My sister, trying to snap me out of this funk, told me about a friend of Johnny's that she wanted to introduce me to. I could smell "Fix-up" and wanted NOTHING to do with it! Then she went on to tell me a little more about this guy. About how he was in the Navy (one of my weaknesses), about what a good friend he was, how he was so kind when Rylee was born and sent them baby stuff and how I wouldn't have to worry about anything more than a friendship because he was stationed in Iceland. I couldn't see a reason to argue with her logic so I agreed and emails were exchanged. It started out with a few emails that turned into phone call.s Each time we talked/emailed we were amazed at how much we had in common. We could (and did) talk for hours at a time. It was so nice!

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