Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Intentions

So, I have started 5 different posted over the past few weeks but just ran out of steam to finish them so I will try to summarize them and FINALLY add a new post!
(I know. I know. It’s about time!)

One of my unfinished posts was about our anniversary. My mom and Bob offered to watched Paisley for us on our anniversary (Oct. 2nd ) so we could enjoy the day together.

Toby and I have talked about going to Ireland someday and we decided that the next best thing to Ireland was a trip the Sheehan’s in KC (an Irish imports store). I was looking forward to shopping all week. I love everything about this store, the smells, the shirts, the music, all of the pretty things! It just makes me happy! I am sad to say that the smells that I once loved in this store really made me sick this trip. The only thing we ending up getting was a cute little shirt for Paisley. And she just loved it!

Then we headed to the Plaza to walk around. We stopped at the Gap and got Paisley an outfit (the outfit is for our family pictures we have scheduled for next week). Then it was off to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants on the Plaza, Tomfooliers. It was oh so good! We even visited my brother and sister in-law and play with Karly. After we picked up Paisley we stopped for dinner at Taco Bell!

It was a very great day just getting to hang out. These past 5 years has been a whirl wind of crazy fun with highs and lows. But we made it through together and I am looking forward to many more anniversaries in the future.

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