Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

At the beginning of October Paisley told us that she wanted to be a hot dog for Halloween. She also said that she wanted Toby and I to be the ketchup and mustard. We agreed but we where happily surprised when she changed her mind and wanted to be a cat instead. As you can see she is very happy with her choice.

This year Toby took Paisley out trick-or-treating while I stayed home to hand out candy. (I was home because I was feeling pretty sick - p.s. I have a bone to pick with the person who invented the term "Morning Sickness" because my sickness cannot tell time!) Anyhow, when they got home Paisley told me all about how much fun she had trick-or-treating. Then Toby told me about the last house they went to; it had a haunted house in the front lawn. At this same house last year Paisley made it to the sidewalk then she heard a scary sound and wouldn't go any closer. This year she was brave enough to enter. Toby said that she made it around the first corner when someone jumped out at her and that is when he said she ran as fast as she could towards the entrance. The guy that scared her came over to Toby and said he was sorry and didn't mean to scare her but Paisley was done and ready to come home. Oh well, maybe next year she will make it all the way through.
Look at last year's picture compared to this year's picture.
(Look at how much she has grown and how big her feet are!)

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Clare said...

I love the kitty cat. And so crazy the difference a year makes!