Sunday, November 15, 2009

Better Now

Big Sister? No Thanks!
To say that Paisley wasn't excited about being a big sister at first is the understatement of the year! When we asked (our first mistake) if she wanted to be a big sister she told us "No thank you." and that was the end of the conversion. A few days later we asked again (you think we would learn) and this time her answer was "No way. Not in THIS house!" and folded her arms across her chest and walked away.
(I think this picture pretty much sums up Paisley's first thoughts about being a big sister!)

BUT...I am happy to say that she is super excited now! With each new baby item that we bring home Paisley is very interested to see how it works and why the baby will need it. She loved pushing the stroller around the house.

She even helped us repaint her room (they will have to share). She started out painting in a nice little box just like we asked.

Then she started getting creative. This is the story she told me about her painting below. "Mommy, this is my friend Allison. She broke her arm (that is the part she was painting on the left) and has to drink her milk out of a sippy cup (that is the blob on the right).
Paisley/Baby Story:
Today at Hallmark Paisley started a conversion with the cashier. She wanted to know her name and if she had a dog. So the cashier decided to asked Paisley a question. She asked if Paisley had a baby brother or sister at home and Paisley answered; "Not yet. My baby is still in my mommy's belly." Then the cashier asked her if we knew what the baby was and Paisley answered; "The doctor says that it is a boy or a girl." She is too funny!
New Baby Update:
We went to the doctor on Friday for my 12 week appointment. After a very rough week we finally got to hear the heartbeat. And I was assured that our newest little one sounded very strong. (The heartbeat was 135) We couldn't be happier!! Paisley enjoyed getting to hear the heart beat. She said "That baby is super loud."


Amy*Chelle said...

I love Paisley stories; she's adorable, Sarah!! And I don't think I've told you CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! :) I'm so happy for you guys!!

Our Family said...

Agh - So excited!!! I hadn't been home to read the blog so I hadn't had a chance until now to tell you CONGRATS!!!!

Our Family said...

Okay - that last comment was from Val...not sure what I did wrong so it didn't post our name!