Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby Vincent Update (16 wks)

Sorry this is almost a week late. A nasty little flu bug has made it rounds at our house!

I had my 16 week check up last Friday and everything looks good. The heartbeat started out at 138 but then our little peanut decided to go for a little jog and made the doctor chase it around a bit so when peanut stopped the heartbeat was 144. Looks like we will have another VERY active little one on our hands. Many have asked so I wanted to confirm, I officially have a baby bump now!

Other fun news:
We have new bedding for Paisley/Peanut's room and big plans for it!!! After the appointment Paisley and I went shopping with Gi-Gi and we found this bedding and all three of us fell in LOVE with it!! And the best was on clearance! YEAH!!

The game plan:
  • I want to use the striped side of the bumper for the bed skirt on Paisley bed
  • The polka dot side of the bumper for curtains
  • The extra crib sheet for a pillow case for Paisley's bed
  • Get/make a solid bed skirt for the crib
  • Get a solid sheet for Paisley's bed
  • Get a solid comforter for Paisley's bed and then add polka dots to it
I can't wait to get started!!


Val Russell said...

Love the baby bump! Looks like you'll keep busy with changing the kids' room around! Can't wait to see pictures when it's all done. =)

Amy*Chelle said...

You look SOO cute!!! :) Can't wait to come see all the baby bumps in the office!!!