Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shoulda Stayed Home!

Talk about a "Bah Humbug" kind of day!

For starters I had a bad night Tuesday night, that made my day today start off not so happy. I just couldn't shake my Bah Humbug attitude all day at work. So, when five o'clock finally rolled around, I am gone (but I should have left at 4:30). On my rush out of the office I didn't take the time to zip up my coat so when I walked out the doors I was immediately assaulted by the cold rainy weather. As I am trying to walk and zip up my coat my new found larger than life ta-ta's decide that they wanted freedom right at that very moment (note to self I REALLY need a new bra, like last week)! So now I am REALLY cold and more flustered because I can't zip up my coat (insert a few choice words)! I am now almost to my car and my zipper decides to finally work so I lock & load the ladies and finish zipping up my coat! When I get home I am retelling this story to Toby, joking that I should just cancel my hair appointment at 7:30 because with my luck my hair will turn orange.

Seven o'clock rolls around and I am off to my hair appointment. Everything is going good. My hair is colored, washed, cut and now she has started the LONG process/battle to get my hair dry, straight and frizz free. About half way through this process the power goes out on the block! Seriously? Come on! So, we have to stop. (Anyone that has seen this process knows that it looks way worse before it looks better) so right about now I am a dead ringer for Bozo the Clown - minus the orange! After the salon girls make a few calls, write out my ticket and take my credit card info (about 45 min so now my hair has gotten even bigger than it was because of air drying) I am finally on my way home.

All I have to say is "Good night bad day I hope I can laugh about you tomorrow!"

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Katina said...

Aw, you poor thing. Hope you got your hair fixed and Santa brought you a new bra :)