Thursday, December 3, 2009

What a Monster!

First of all I want to start off by telling anyone and EVERYONE that has come into contact with me recently that I am truly sorry if I was mean or rude to you. I have not been the nicest pregnant person to be around lately and I am sorry if I have taken it out on you. In my defence all day sickness has been kicking my butt, my hormones have me on a crazy roller coaster everyday and I have been working a lot of extra hours. But knowing that I have been mean I am working on fixing things. So, please stop running from me when you see me coming (it is starting to hurt my feelings) and please quit talking to other people to avoid ME. I promise that I will not bit your head off. I think this quote from Knocked Up pretty much sums up how I have been acting lately and what people around me probably would like to say to me. (Sorry for the language in the quote but I think it rings true.)

Ben Stone to Alison at the doctor's office: "You know what, I know this isn't you talking, it's your hormones, but I would just like to say, F#%CK YOU, HORMONES, YOU ARE A CRAZY B*%CH, HORMONES - not Alison, HORMONES. F#%ck'em. It's a girl, buy some pink sh*t."

P.S. My morning sickness is pretty much gone and as of this week I am no longer working nights or weekends so now I am going to focus on getting my hormones under control again. Please bear with me...I promise you will have your regular Sarah back soon.


Val Russell said...

You are so cute. I love you. ♥

Margaret said...

I think you've been perfectly nice and normal :) Maybe you've only been mean to those who deserve it?!?! Love you!