Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Birthday Girl

So today was my birthday. My first 29th birthday celebration (I might celebrate this one a few times, I'm not sure yet). And it was a GREAT day!! I over slept, got showered with phone calls/test message, got a $5.oo gift card at lunch, I had a very productive day at work (I crossed lots of stuff off my list), went to dinner at Red Robbin (got a free Royal Burger; yummy), got to do a little shopping and went to bed before midnight! My day was wonderful!! I think 29 is going to be fun!

This year I am going to make a list of my '30 before I turn 30' so here it is:
  1. Stay soda free (I am two months sober & want to keep adding to that number)
  2. Develop & maintain healthy habits (Eat better & work out/be more active)
  3. Stop cussing
  4. Stay in the present (Leave the past in the past)
  5. Love my job or find one I would like more
  6. Be a better blogger
  7. Have more date nights with the Hubby
  8. Respond to text/email/voice mail more often
  9. Go back to school and work on getting my degree
  10. Be a better blog friend (Leave comments on the blogs I visit daily)
  11. Be a better real friend (Make more time to spend with the people that are important to me)
  12. Grow my faith
  13. Learn to cook (I would like to learn how to cook at least one really yummy thing in each food category; ex: salad, appetizer, entree, side, dessert, etc...)
  14. Embrace the outdoors
  15. Start a new tradition (Christmas in July with friends)
  16. Overhaul my blog
  17. Take a kids free trip with Toby
  18. Take a family vacation
  19. Print/organize our pictures
  20. Work on Ryder's scrapbook
  21. Work on our Travel scrapbook
  22. Start going to bed earlier (Before midnight would be nice)
  23. Be more responsible with money
  24. Take better/more interesting pictures
  25. Minimize my exposure to negative people
  26. Stand up for myself and the ones I love
  27. Get a booth this Spring at the Farmer's Market to sell my crafts
  28. Spend more quality time with each kid individually
  29. Take better care of my car
  30. Try to make new crafts

Now I have it in writing so we will see what I am able to mark off my list this time next year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Tour of 2010

Christmas #1 of 2010: My Mom's Family
Mom & Bob agreed to have Christmas the Saturday before so wouldn't have to have a repeat "Dine N' Dash" Christmas. Everyone was able to relax and have fun.

Christmas #2 of 2010

Christmas #2 of 2010: Toby's family

Due to work schedules we moved it from Christmas Eve to last Sunday. One of the best things about this Christmas is the FOOD! Every year we try something different. This year it was BBQ; Yum-O (sorry no pictures to busy eating)!

After dinner Paisley was soooo ready for the gift giving (she was very active this year in helping pick out & wrap the gifts)!

Ryder was excited also be he hides it better!

Ryder was very worn out!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning was spent with just the four of us (well 6 if you count the dogs). After breakfast we headed downstairs to see if Santa had stopped at our house and yes he did! At first Paisley only saw the Learning Table that Santa brought Ryder but didn't see anything for her.

Then she got a little closer and saw that Santa remembered her also (she got the RC helicopter she had asked for).

This year was first year that we had Santa issues. Kids talk. A LOT. At school. We have found out that Santa doesn't do the same thing at every one's house (not even the cousins). At our house Santa brings one (sometimes two) unwrapped gifts and fills the stockings. The rest of the gifts are from each other. It has been reported that Santa brings all the gifts to some families; Paisley wants to talk to Santa to find out how we can be one of those families. Got to love her!

And for Ryder's first Christmas Santa brought him this Learning Table. What a lucky little boy!!
He was more interested in the wrapping paper and what the dogs were doing or what Paisley was getting than playing with his toys.
Until we took the Glow Worm out of the package and then he wouldn't stop picking it's eyes and giving it kisses.

Toby's new TV.

Doc was making sure Ryder didn't need any help.

Christmas #4 of 2010

Christmas #4 of 2010: My Dad's Family

We headed to my Grandma & Grandpa's house to spend Christmas with my Dad's side of the family Christmas afternoon. We were the first ones there to help with the cooking and for a little one on one time with GiGi & Papa Jim. We spent the afternoon eating, drinking and being merry!
Ryder wasn't sure about the singing & dancing Santa.

Cheers to the birth of our Sweet Baby Jesus with the high class Big Ol' bucket of Strawberry daiquiri.
A picture of the cousins (pretend that the little bundle of dark hair in the second picture below is in the first picture next to Paisley & Torey).
And Christmas is not complete without a craft (paint + 5 kids = a little crazy but worth it).
That's a wrap! Christmas of 2010 is complete (the tree is down & everything is put away). Now its time to start planning for next year; happy shopping!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

How we spent our Christmas Eve:

Making cookies to bring to Gi-Gi & Papa Jim's tomorrow.

Hanging out and looking cute!

We made it to the 5pm Christmas Eve service this year (all four of us). Paisley liked getting to light & hold the candle while singing Silent Night. A moment from this service will stick with me ALWAYS! After all of the candles where lit and everyone started to sing I looked down at Paisley and this is what I saw: her angelic face (eyes big & bright; lit by the candle light) singing Silent Night in her sweet little voice. Christmas magic was alive in her eyes tonight! It makes me tear up just thinking about it.

When we got home I was able to get a Christmas picture of the kids.

Then we tested out the timer on our camera for a family picture.
Take One: Toby got everything set up and ran to join us (almost).
Take Two: Toby added more time, made it to his seat just in time to pick Paisley up to sit on his lap (a little closer).
Take Three: Toby added even more time, was able to get to this set, put Paisley on his lap & pose (problem, he cut a little bit of his head off).
Take Four: Toby adjusted the height of the camera and the result = not too bad.
Then one of me and the kids.
And one of Toby and the kids.
We finished our night by reading 'The Night Before Christmas' and putting out cookies & milk for Santa (and carrots for the Reindeer). Tomorrow morning can't get here fast enough!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!