Sunday, January 31, 2010

Create Something New - Hair Bow Holder

I wanted to try my hand at a new hair bow holder and with Torey's first birthday approaching I figured why not now.

-Picture fame
-Craft paint
-Spray Adhesive
-Staple gun
What I Did:
1.) Paint the picture frame.
2.) Cover the back of the frame with fabric.
3.) Cut ribbon, space evenly on the back of the frame and tape in place.
4.) Secure the ribbon to the back on the frame with staples (I also hot glued it for extra support).
5.) Insert back into the frame.
6.) Add hair bows and ta-da......CUTENESS!!!

Create Something New - Valentine's Day Pretty

When I saw this super cute heart picture over at Just a Girl I knew that Paisley and I NEEDED to make one ourselves.

-Wooden heart cut-out
-Pink/red bead mixture
-Craft glue
-Picture frame
-Hot glue
-Red marker
-Scrapbook paper
-Super cute assistant

Our Steps:
1.) First we colored the edge of all of our hearts.
2.) Cover the hearts with lots of craft glue.
3.) Add the beads and smash then really good into the glue.

4.) Add the scrapbook paper to the back of the frame and hot glue the hearts. Ta-Da!!
How cute are these little lovelies?!
(You might see this project again for St. Paddy's Day)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Name Game

To be honest this is not a game that Toby and I play very fair. One (or both of us) end up saying something mean about a name and we end up not speaking for a few days. Well, this time around we thought that we would avoid that fight and headed to the doctor's office with a list of three names that we both liked and we would chose one on our way home. We decided to go with names that we both liked; Logan for the first name (Toby's pick) and Shamus for the middle name (My pick).

But after talking to a few friends and saying the name Toby told me that he really didn't like Shamus as the middle name for Logan. HELLO! Are you kidding me?! So I asked to flipping name; Shamus Logan and that was a no go also. So when we got home we went back to the drawing board. We both sat in bed with a pad of paper in between us writing (and scratching out) names. A little after 3 am, a lot of debating and a few hours of not speaking to each other we have officially decided on a name for little man! Ryder Mathis Vincent

The meaning behind the name:

Ryder - (English) Knight or Mounted Warrior

Mathis - (French) Gift of God

(The meaning of the name helped make the decision for me. How can you not think of him as a gift from God?)

Public Service Announcement:
If you ask a pregnant woman what the name of her baby is and she tells you leave it at that. This is a simple question and answer session not a discussion. If you feel the need to provide your option please remember a few things:
1.) If you don't have anything nice to say DON'T say anything at all.
2.) Remember your opinion was NOT asked.
3.) A mother is very protective of her little bean and may injure you if you are mean or rude.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Tonight Paisley felt little man kick for the first time and it was priceless! I think he had ants in his pants because he was going crazy. So, I called Paisley over and asked if she wanted to feel him kick. She looked a little confused/surprised but said yes. I took her hand and he kicked her right away. Her eyes got huge, she pulled her hand away and wiped it on her pants. It was so funny! Then she asked if she could feel it again and he quickly obliged (and again she wiped her hand off).

Mommy Note (for my records): Today was Paisley 4 year well child check-up
Height: 43 1/4 inches (95%)
Weight: 38.2 pounds (75%)
(She has always been 95% for height and 75% for weight) so this was no surprise.

Milestones: She has reached all of the milestones that she was tested on today.
*She told a story
*Asked and answered questions
*Drew a few letters and shapes
*Can point out if things don't match or belong in a group
*Can dress herself (including buttons)
*Can hop on one foot (without falling-I can't even do that)
*Her speech is right on track, this was no surprise because she is a talker!

*Stuttering - we have noticed it when she is excited and trying to tell a story. The doctor said that some children may go through a short period of stuttering and that we should encourage her to slow down and talk and try not to dwell on it or comment on it too much because that could make it worse or cause her to be self conscious.
*Winged Scapula (shoulder blades that stick out) - this is caused by her muscles in her back being weak. We are going to watch it until next year because this is something that she might out grow as she gets a little older and is more active. If it has not improved by next year then she will start physical therapy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


A day of REST! Most of our day was spent vegging out watching movies, playing games or with all of Paisley's new toys and napping. It was the prefect ending to our week of partying!

P.S. Is this wrong?
The correct answer is no. :o)
My goal tonight is to just preview the DVD so I know what I'm in for tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cake & Ice Cream

Saturday was spent celebrating Paisley's birthday with our family. This is another one of Toby's cakes. Paisley asked for a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and candy on top. She even helped Toby make the cake this year. She is getting very good a cracking eggs (don't worry she cracks them in a bowl before we add it to the mix - this way we are able to fish out shells if needed). Then she helped unwrap and add the candy. I think it turned out pretty sweet.

Then she opened gifts. I think that we have enough toys and games here to keep her entertained until she is ten!

I know that I have said this before but our family is large, loud, and full of love!
(Left to right: Jeff, Avrey, Mom & Holly)
(Left to right: Johnny, Rylee, Stephen, Korey & half of Jeff)
(Guy & Debbie)
(Left to right: Laura, Jeff, Papa Jim - sorry I got you eating & Papa Tim)
(The Cousins: Karly, Avrey, Paisley, Torey & Rylee)
(Josh & Torey)

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Dinner Party

The gangs all here! These four kiddos have so much fun together. They spend all day together at daycare and still what to hang out of an evening.

The dinner party started when I picked the kids up from daycare. We walked down the street to our house. The kids held hands and talked the WHOLE way.

When we got to our driveway they were free to run to the door and everyone was excited to get the party started!

They are shouting "It's party time!"

After the shoes and coats were off we when on a tour of the house. (Paisley's room was a big hit)

Unleashed in the playroom! Most of the pictures where blurry but here are a few of everyone having fun.
The handsome Mr. Grady.
Little Miss Morgan working hard on a video game. Look at all those cute blond curls!
Little Kyndall rockin' out!

The kids making homemade pizza. I started them out with the crust and sauce.
Then they added the topping they wanted. No rules. They added as much as they wanted and snacked as they went.
Everyone was very proud of their creation.

While the pizza was cooking we played pin the cherry on the cupcake.

I wish that I could have gotten a video of the kids laughing when Grady put his cherry on the wall not the cupcake. It was contagious!
The game was a big hit.

I think that because the kids helped make dinner they all did a very good job eating it.
Lots of stories!
Lots of laughs!
Lots of jokes!

Then we iced/decorated brownies.

After we sang to Paisley it was time for gifts.

After gifts it was time for the pinata. Toby was brave and held it - with no injuries.
Paisley said that this was her best birthday EVER!