Friday, January 8, 2010

20 Weeks

Ten little fingers. Ten little toes. And yep, one of those!

We are pleased to announce that we will be welcoming a little baby boy into our lives this May! We could be more excited! He is measuring right on schedule so my due date is still May 28th. The doctor said that everything looked great and we are both growing like we should be.

When the doctor showed us this picture he said "Here is a leg (the top straight line), here is the other leg (the bottom straight line) and we have a turtle!" So now Paisley thinks that not only do I have a baby in my tummy but also a turtle (thanks doc). She is so funny! After we left the doctor's office we went shopping for BLUE stuff! We each picked out an outfit (or two or ten) and Paisley got him a few new toys and books (and a few new things for herself). She is sooo excited!!


Katina said...

Yeah!!!! Boys are lots of fun. Congrats! That is hilarious that you have a turtle in your tummy :)

Val Russell said...

A turtle... yay! This is so exciting!!

Clare said...

I'll find Paisley a turtle for when her baby BROTHER is born!! Wow, the first boy out of 6 grandkids, way to go!

Our Family said...

EXCITING! Playdates to come with him and Chase! Congrats!!!