Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dinner Party Prep

About a month ago we asked Paisley what she wanted for her birthday this year and she said "A dinner party with my friends from daycare." This is all she has been able to think/talk about for the last few weeks (that is when we started preparing for the dinner party). She said that she wanted it to be a Candy Land party. What a great idea! We have had so much fun getting ready.

Project: Invitation
The inside of the invitation said "You are invited to a sweet little dinner party." You may have noticed, she was able to practice coloring and cutting. Her coloring started out a little more in the lines but after three invitation she didn't care as much about the lines.

Project: Goodie Bags
She was so thoughtful and created each bag just for that person.
(We have been working more on fine motor skills and she is loving it)

Project: A Pinata
Supplies = one grocery bag, tissue paper, ribbon, hole punch, stapler, candy, scissors and glue.

1. Fill the bag with treats, then fill the rest of the bag with crumpled tissue paper.
2. Fold the top and stapled it shut.

3. Cut the tissue paper in half, fold the halves and cut slits about halfway up.

4. Glue the tissue paper to the bag with the fringe down (start at the bottom and work you way to the top).

5. Punch a hole in the top and add ribbon. Ta-da, finished!
This was super easy and fun! Paisley loved getting to cut, help glue and pick the order of the tissue paper.

Project: Party Blower
Supplies = scrapbook paper, party blowers, scissors and stickers
1. Take the current party blower apart and use for a pattern.
2. Cut and add theme stickers.
3. Reassemble and we are done!

Project: Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake
Supplies = markers, scrapbook paper, scissors and poster board
1. I drew a BIG cup cake on the poster board, then Paisley and I colored it in.

2. Cut out cherries (and label one for each child).

Project: Happy Birthday Banner
Supplies = Scrapbook paper and ribbon
1. I used Word to spell out 'Happy Birthday'.
2. Cut out each letter and added them to scrapbook paper.
3. Hole punch of scrapbook paper and add ribbon.
We have had so much fun getting everything ready for the dinner party. Paisley is my little craft buddy and she loves it as much as I do. I hope that NEVER changes. She was been so proud of herself because of how much she has helped.
After she went to bed, I hung everything up! I am just as excited as she is for tomorrow's dinner party!


Val Russell said...

How creative... Looks like Paisley did a great job!

Katina said...

Can you teach classes on how to be you? You did an amazing job! I wish I could have been invited :)
What food did you serve?

Vincent Family said...

Tina - thanks and yes I want to start having craft days where the kiddos run and play and the mom's can craft and watch them!

The dinner party is tonight and I am going to let them make home made pizzas. I will post pictures tonight!

Stephanie said...

This is all so adorable!! LOVE it!