Monday, January 25, 2010


Tonight Paisley felt little man kick for the first time and it was priceless! I think he had ants in his pants because he was going crazy. So, I called Paisley over and asked if she wanted to feel him kick. She looked a little confused/surprised but said yes. I took her hand and he kicked her right away. Her eyes got huge, she pulled her hand away and wiped it on her pants. It was so funny! Then she asked if she could feel it again and he quickly obliged (and again she wiped her hand off).

Mommy Note (for my records): Today was Paisley 4 year well child check-up
Height: 43 1/4 inches (95%)
Weight: 38.2 pounds (75%)
(She has always been 95% for height and 75% for weight) so this was no surprise.

Milestones: She has reached all of the milestones that she was tested on today.
*She told a story
*Asked and answered questions
*Drew a few letters and shapes
*Can point out if things don't match or belong in a group
*Can dress herself (including buttons)
*Can hop on one foot (without falling-I can't even do that)
*Her speech is right on track, this was no surprise because she is a talker!

*Stuttering - we have noticed it when she is excited and trying to tell a story. The doctor said that some children may go through a short period of stuttering and that we should encourage her to slow down and talk and try not to dwell on it or comment on it too much because that could make it worse or cause her to be self conscious.
*Winged Scapula (shoulder blades that stick out) - this is caused by her muscles in her back being weak. We are going to watch it until next year because this is something that she might out grow as she gets a little older and is more active. If it has not improved by next year then she will start physical therapy.

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Clare said...

So cool, that she got her first interaction with her baby brother.
Yay, for a good check up...and no surpise on her speech, LOL!