Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Name Game

To be honest this is not a game that Toby and I play very fair. One (or both of us) end up saying something mean about a name and we end up not speaking for a few days. Well, this time around we thought that we would avoid that fight and headed to the doctor's office with a list of three names that we both liked and we would chose one on our way home. We decided to go with names that we both liked; Logan for the first name (Toby's pick) and Shamus for the middle name (My pick).

But after talking to a few friends and saying the name Toby told me that he really didn't like Shamus as the middle name for Logan. HELLO! Are you kidding me?! So I asked to flipping name; Shamus Logan and that was a no go also. So when we got home we went back to the drawing board. We both sat in bed with a pad of paper in between us writing (and scratching out) names. A little after 3 am, a lot of debating and a few hours of not speaking to each other we have officially decided on a name for little man! Ryder Mathis Vincent

The meaning behind the name:

Ryder - (English) Knight or Mounted Warrior

Mathis - (French) Gift of God

(The meaning of the name helped make the decision for me. How can you not think of him as a gift from God?)

Public Service Announcement:
If you ask a pregnant woman what the name of her baby is and she tells you leave it at that. This is a simple question and answer session not a discussion. If you feel the need to provide your option please remember a few things:
1.) If you don't have anything nice to say DON'T say anything at all.
2.) Remember your opinion was NOT asked.
3.) A mother is very protective of her little bean and may injure you if you are mean or rude.


Val Russell said...

Sarah, I love you! And I know you little bean will fit his name perfectly. Ryder Mathis sounds handsome and wonderful.

Clare said...

Love it, it sounds great. Your PSA is awesome too!!

Katina said...

I'm with Clare, love the name and the PSA. There needs to be more people reading your PSA. We heard a lot of crap when we told the two names we were deciding between before we knew who Jonas was, then the first idea we had for Dexter. People can be really rude and hurt an already fragile woman.