Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Four Christmas's (Part 1)

Christmas At Our House (Christmas Eve)
Due to the bad weather we started to get, our office closed early. YEAH!! I was able to get home and start my holiday early. And what to my wondering eyes did I see (when I got home) but Toby and Paisley in the kitchen making Christmas cookies. After a much needed rest Paisley and I attempted to make a gingerbread house. Everything started our great.
Then slowly started to fall apart.
That last piece of candy did the house in but Paisley didn't mind. She had fun doing something new.
To avoid this disaster next year I think I may borrow this idea.
The weather turned from bad to worse and Christmas Eve service was canceled. So after dinner we decided to do something a little different, we opened our Christmas gifts from each other. Paisley couldn't wait! She was very involved with our Christmas shopping and gift wrapping. So she wanted to help pass out the gits. First the dogs and boy were they excited to see new squeaky toys!
Then us and as she handed us a gift she would tell us what it was. When she handed Toby this gift she said "Here daddy, it's a DVD." She did great keeping the gifts a secret until Christmas but it looks like we have a few more bugs to work out before next year.
Paisley was so excited with everything she got this year (even the boxes). When she opened this and saw the box she said "Thank you mommy & daddy for my box." Then we told her look IN the box her eyes got huge and she said "Really, more, for me? Oh, thank you!" Isn't she so sweet?! I hope she never changes!
After all of our gifts were opened and played with a little it was time for bed. We read a book called 'No Room at the Inn The Nativity Story' by Jean M. Malone. I LOVE this book! I started reading this book to her right after Thanksgiving. I wanted to make sure that she understands the true meaning behind Christmas. Next year I my plan is to have Paisley help make a birthday cake for Jesus.

Christmas At Our House (Christmas Morning)
When Santa comes to our house he comes to our basement. After everyone wakes up and eats breakfast, we unlock the baby gate and the festivities begin. Next year I want to try to make a breakfast casserole. (If anyone has a good recipe please share)
This is the picture of Paisley first coming down the stairs and catching the look on her face when she first sees what Santa brought
Santa takes our stockings off of the fireplace, fills them with goodies and puts them on the coffee table. (This is the first thing we open on Christmas morning.)

Then we check under the tree to see what he left. His gift(s) are easy to spot because they are never wrapped and they are always assembled (with batteries if needed). Paisley's pride and joy this year, her remote control car. She LOVES it! When she is racing her car she is cracking up. Maybe it's because she can run the car into anything and it flips over and keeps going or maybe it's because when the dogs see her walk into the room with it they run, fast!

This year our fun and games ended pretty early (around 9:30) so we could get dressed and hit the road to head to my mom's house for Christmas lunch. Paisley was so sad to leave her car at home, alone but we were off to see our family. Maybe next year we will have a little more time to play at home.


Val Russell said...

How fun! Love all the pictures! It looks like Paisley had a blast =)

Clare said...

Her jammies are so cute and fitting, is she still polar bear crazy?
Your ginger bread house looks yummy, and it makes for a better story since it fell apart!

Katina said...

Cute Christmas! Jonas got a remote control car for Christmas from my grandparents and crys every time it comes out of the box. He got freaked out because it ran over his foot and he couldn't figure it out :(